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"We have been more than impressed with Impressions Preschool. Our son has really developed academically and LOVES to go to school! I was absolutely amazed at the things he came home "teaching" my husband and  I this year. Beyond that, Impressions really helped him develop and improve his social skills and gross motor skills that he struggled with in other schools. The teachers really helped boost his confidence and encouraged him to do things that posed as hard or scary for him, and we loved watching him be successful with things he hadn't been before. We look forward to sending our second son next year!"

Sara Cotton, Sandy, UT

" I appreciate everything you and your teachers have done to help Adam this year. He came struggling with his confidence and it is so much fun to see him at home playing with the neighbor kids and laughing and not afraid to really be him. I know that may sound silly to you guys since that doesn't have much to do with academics but it means the world to us. Thanks."

Marcia Banks, Cottonwood Heights

"It has been neat to see both Clara and Liam in the same program together! Your teachers have really helped them branch out and I appreciate her taking the extra time with them in their school work. That communication has been VERY helpful!"

Korrin Pratt & Family, Cottonwood Heights

"I just wanted to send this really quick and let you know how much we appreciate the extra time you has spent with Aubrey. We really see a difference at home lately. Seeing a lot of the information at her academic team meeting was helpful also and it was nice to get to know the teachers more."

Jenifer Shipley, Sandy


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