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Choosing a preschool can be difficult and at times over whelming. Where do I start? And what are the right questions to ask? 


Safety should always come first! 
Do the teachers, or others interacting with the students have a current background check?
Do the staff have basic first aid and CPR training?
What guidelines are followed to avoid passing on germs and seasonal sickness?


What is the curriculum? 
There is so much more to a curriculum than academics. Ask about other things such as fine and gross motor skills, social skills, confidence building activities, logic and reasoning and how those are incorporated in everyday curriculum.

How do the teachers make sure each student is being challenged, but not rushed? 
It is important that every child has a love for learning. Part of that passion comes from continually being challenged, learning new things, and feeling confident and successful while doing so.

What is the schedule of daily activities, and how much time is spent at a desk vs. hands on or interactive learning?
Music, reading, individual and group play, foreign language, math and phonics concepts, arts, etc. 

How are goals set? 
How will the school keep you updated on a daily basis regarding the completion of goals and starts of new goals


Methods and Philosophies
How are the children taught? 
Does the school let students wander freely to discover and teach themselves? Do the students learn at their own pace or are students always challenged and have constant teacher guidance? Most importantly, does this model fit your desire for you child?

How does the school discipline and maintain structure in the classroom ?

Are music and art taught as a subject or a craft?

Are reading and math concepts taught, or do they hold off until kindergarten?

How involved are you as a parent?
Remember, parents are a child's first teacher. Their actual "preschool teacher" has a very limited amount of time with them each week. Make sure you are up to date on teaching methods and what is being taught so that you can continue progress and maintain consistency at home.

Reasoning and Logic

How are the vital skills of reasoning and logic incorporated in their daily activities? 
Are they allowed to problem solve on their own? 


How do they prepare your child for the next level of independence? Do they have the opportunity to be responsible for transporting papers to and from school? Remembering homework and other assignments?

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